Scots Pine – Part 4

The dangers of a healthy Tree:

Having shown you a progression for my Scots pine over a few posts I have now discovered some of the dangers of a strong healthy tree!!!Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photosthis year the tree has been extremely strong throwing lots of new back buds. Worryingly the growth rate was far faster than expected. During our club meeting members discovered that the wire had bitten in quite badly!!!
Straight in there with the wire cutters I’ve able to rescue it some what but its not been without damage as you can see!!Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
I’ll be watching closely now on all the other branches for the same issues 😦

Keep an eye on your trees during the growing season !!!!!

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2 Responses to Scots Pine – Part 4

  1. Brian says:

    Next time you wire a scared branch like that just wire the branch in the opposite direction ., let it bite in just a bit , over time it will even it self out so it will look more natural.good luck Bry .
    Qualicum Brian

    • dangerousbry says:

      Hi Brian…Yep, if I need to rewire it I’ll be doing just that. I left the wire on through July last year, that’s how it caught me out a little!! 😉

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