Bodnant Gardens Visit

The family took a visit back to one of North Wales’ special places and one of our favourite gardens in Bodnant. Another National Trust attraction. Beautiful setting in a valley leading up away from the estuary, the gardens hold lots of meandering paths through the tiered gardens. Spectacular 100yr old specimens. Very much worth a visit.20130804-110330.jpg20130804-110340.jpg20130804-110349.jpg20130804-110355.jpg20130804-110407.jpg20130804-110420.jpg20130804-110432.jpg20130804-110443.jpg20130804-110450.jpg20130804-110458.jpg20130804-110507.jpg20130804-110515.jpg20130804-110527.jpg20130804-110537.jpg20130804-110553.jpg20130804-110605.jpg20130804-110618.jpg20130804-110632.jpg20130804-110642.jpg20130804-110653.jpg20130804-110705.jpg20130804-110712.jpg20130804-110717.jpg

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