Kishu Juniper

My little juniper 18 months ago looked little bit poorly. I left it potted in its medium and current pot, last year and skipped a repot this year.20130803-164846.jpg
Having fed it and tried to keep it in a more sunlit spot its come on heaps. I built up a small wall of netting around the pot. The same type I use for covering the pot holes. This is used so that any feeds applied eg. Chicken poo don’t get washed off. I also used a slow release fertiliser, all of which have worked well.20130803-165616.jpgit’s going to need a serious trim/thinning so that the Pom Pom growth can be sorted out. As you can see however its healthy and ready for the next step.20130803-165755.jpg20130803-165805.jpg

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