QR Codes and A Blog Logo

I’ve been playing around with a logo for the past 4 months to represent my blog. It’s proving quite difficult to get it just right.
There are two versions at the moment and the first being the trickiest… Not being an artist makes it even harder!!

Because its so much in development here is the second logo. I was able to creat this with the help of my iPad and a few Graphics apps. With this I have had it printed onto a T-Shirt to see how effective it may look. I’m waiting for it to be delivered from Your Design20130809-094933.jpgAlso I’ve been looking at creating QR Codes to advertise my site. Here are a couple that I created with a little App downloaded onto my iPhone 🙂
This one however I managed to get wrong as I put the link as Text and not a URL Weblink…
20130809-095328.jpgThe second is better, and I remembered to create a Weblink 😉20130809-095739.jpgTake aim with your QR code scanner on your smart phone and give it a try!!
Feedback on these would be appreciated 🙂

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1 Response to QR Codes and A Blog Logo

  1. Lyons Bonsai says:

    Love the Logo, very celtic. Well done

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