Big Hawthorn – Prep

The weekend see’s me away for a couple of days. The medium of this one tends to dry up quite quickly, so I thought a dressing of Spagnum moss could be called for.
Prior to watering I applied a 1-2cm thick layer of spagnum moss and watered it through.
Hope it keeps the moisture in we’re having a slight warm spell coming our way! This tree is already tucked away in a pot shaded area, down behind a fence so that the wind doesn’t dry it too much also.
My Hand next to trunk for size šŸ˜‰

Even my potentilla is tucked in behind there… This one is on a small bonsai dish filled with water to keep up the moisture also.

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2 Responses to Big Hawthorn – Prep

  1. Web Design says:

    Bri are you not at all worried that the Hawthorn will send roots up in to the moss rather than out and down where you want them?

    • dangerousbry says:

      Hi Dean;

      I’m not worried about the roots heading upward at all. It’s a case of keep the tree moist or let it dry out in all that warm weather. Better having an alive tree!!
      I can remove the moss now that the weather is cooling down. I might however leave it on so that the soil doesn’t fall out on its journey to Burrs šŸ˜‰

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