Before Ceramics there was Bonsai

Passion for pots 🙂

Stone Monkey Ceramics

20140402-110618.jpgCeramics was born out of my love for Bonsai and even though I no longer do Bonsai as such, I still have a huge appreciation of Bonsai and let’s face it if I am making the pots then there still has to be an interest in the thing that goes in it.
Over the years I have had some wonderful pieces of material go through my ownership. From working with collected trees with my mentor Mick Sherman

to imported material with two Italian Masters, Enrico Savini and Ivo Saporiti

20140402-111236.jpgat the ever popular, fantastic bonsai event that is Burrs organised by the enigmatic bonsai artist Tony Tickle who in turn invites fantastic artists like Mario Komsta to work on attendees trees

It’s is the love of Bonsai, the hobby, the people and friends that you make over the years that make it very hard to shake off what you love…

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