Hawthorn update – this to this!!!

After the Burrs weekend my hawthorn has spent a quite few months in the corner of the garden, praying that went weren’t to get the 2′ of snow we had last year. Moved to a nice spot it’s started to bloom quite happily. Even pushing buds on old wood šŸ™‚

 photo D2780842-4C10-4D63-B232-B979174CDD9C.jpg
 photo 9B205406-D321-463E-AFC8-3DAAC9C53114.jpg
Side view:
 photo A7A70660-91B8-4DB1-9A76-F4B72FD4AA86.jpg
 photo 72810BFF-08B2-49AC-8D69-170BFB27456D.jpg
 photo 27D12338-5FED-4810-84F9-A02E08A55AC3.jpg
 photo 3E4B0217-E767-44B0-8699-FCB490AE56E9.jpg
I’m expecting a ‘LOT’ more flowers his year. There a lots of flower buds to be found all over the tree this year compared to the one set last. photo 6F57DC1C-47B6-4217-96F1-7776AD9B16E5.jpg
 photo BDA45016-AB79-432A-8C18-1F46C87A4783.jpg
 photo 14C3AEF0-9A8F-47DA-9A48-4D55A2688746.jpg

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