Show tree – Moss preparation

We’ve been away for a week, so it’s all go for peeping my tree for the annual club show next weekend.
Moss is priority number 1!!!
Reason for this is, it’s such a big tree I need to collect enough to cover the soil in the pot. Huge task!
The Blackbirds in my garden decided to destroy my normal source during the beginning of spring.

First stop… Bucket, spagnum moss, loads of water. Far more than you think!20140601-072120-26480660.jpgStep two… Kitchen tool. Plugged in safely!!
(Water and electric don’t mix!!)

20140601-072336-26616377.jpgstep three… Plunges the tool into the mix and let it do the business. A couple of minutes on full chat and it was all minced.

20140601-072445-26685064.jpgNow I’ve noticed I’ve missed taking a photo of application. However, I used one of the kids spades from the sand put. Scooping out the goop I distributed it round the soil evenly. Once this was complete, each dollop the water just drains straight into the pot šŸ™‚
Step four … The moss. This was all collected whilst away in Yorkshire.20140601-072659-26819880.jpgHaving asked the question though, I think the patchwork of different colours is not to everyone’s taste. I’ll have to hunt down some more ‘like coloured moss’.

Finally the protective mesh goes back over the top to stop the Blackbirds pecking at the moss šŸ™‚


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