This juniper I bought for about Ā£7 6yrs ago.
It’s an extremely slow growing tree, regardless of how much you feed it. It’s coming along. It’s not the best tree in the world but I keep it because it’s one I can do bonsai with my little girl. If it’s gets wrecked it doesn’t matter so much….
Here’s some of its progression.

Where it started: IMG_8111.JPG
Me and my girl:
September 2013: photo Literati_8_2.jpg
April 2014 before repot:
 photo 70528951-5191-49D5-AC41-CDCB9B025A83-1788-000001405DD41146.jpgA couple of years and a new pot it might be a looker.IMG_8112.JPG

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2 Responses to Literati

  1. Nice work Bryan! Is it a common juniper? Doing bonsai with kids that age is no easy pursuit – it’s all I can do some days to stop my 3yr old performing some unnecessary pruning. He does love pretending though with his wee scissors!

    • dangerousbry says:

      That photo was taken last year… But she helped again this year.
      I spent time with her plucking the foliage as apposed to cutting. Works ok with this one cause its not a looker šŸ˜‰

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