Meet my new Friend

This is my new Scots Pine. I purchased this from my good friend Will Baddeley. I got to meet this tree for the first time tonight after it was baby sat for a couple of weeks. Club night I tidied a few loose needles, sat and studied the tree for a little while.
Which front to choose, how to bring it along from here.
Choices choices šŸ™‚IMG_8267.JPGIMG_8266.JPGIMG_8269.JPGIMG_8268.JPGIMG_8270.JPG

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3 Responses to Meet my new Friend

  1. Nice tree really like it! Maybe an idea to tilt it to the left (first photo). Bring the the mail branche slightly closer to the trunk. And even maybe remove the lower branch as an option it will make the tree appear bigger and more in proportion. But like you said; choices choices…. Have fun!

    • dangerousbry says:

      Hi Chris… Thanks for your message. I manages to sit and study it for 40mins. I have an idea to use photo 3 as the front. Tilt it towards us and use the foliage to create the tree. The bottom of the branch however will need to be twisted 180deg to make that viable…. Where my raffia? šŸ˜‰

  2. Also a good option only looking at the photo it has so much less taper.
    However in real life things always look different so I trust you made a good choice. Especially if you looked at it so long. šŸ™‚

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