Any Artists Reading this?

Bonsai Eejit

I don’t mean bonsai artists but I know many of the bonsai community are talented sketch artists in their own right. 🙂

I have a request; I’m looking to revamp my blog logo which is now well known and associated with ‘Bonsai eejit’.

I found this image online many years ago and despite my best efforts I have never been able to track down the original artist. I was keen to get my hands on a better quality copy of this but alas, all efforts have been fruitless.

I’m now looking to create a high quality version of this keeping the same comedic feel of the one above. I am not talented enough either as an artist or with computers to do this myself, so I’m appealing to anyone out there with the skills to give it a go. Full credit will be given here for any work or new designs created.

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