Vine Maple ‘Boot’ Styling…

Creativity at its best!!!

Michael Hagedorn

For lack of a better title…The ‘Boot’. Long time followers of this blog know that I often name trees so that it’s easier to identify them. Not in the sense that they are serious NAMES that are sometimes given very, very good bonsai in Japan. It’s easier (and more fun) to say, ‘Let’s bring the Boot into the studio today’ than ‘Let’s bring the fourth Vine Maple to the left into the studio today’.

So. The Boot. I collected this Vine Maple about a year and a half ago. Vine Maple is one of our more curious, long-lived understory trees here in the Pacific Northwest, USA. It looks a bit like Half-Moon Maple, but it’s far more vigorous. And we can collect it! Having old, yamadori deciduous nearby is lucky in the extreme. Given other ring counts in the area, this tree is about 90 years old.

I’d been looking forward…

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