Pavels Saturday Workshop – Dragon

Saturday proved to be a productive day, and a brilliant sunny day.

Here are more photos from the workshop.

 photo A353102F-68AE-4BD9-93C8-5A189352BC75.jpg
 photo 193460A4-CA8E-4442-A269-BA6B37FEF9D8.jpg
 photo 27994622-2C98-4979-9F9E-28F4091F4566.jpg
 photo 0FA7069B-88F1-445C-BD87-D563828C2021.jpg
 photo 13EB1E3C-27CE-408E-BFEE-0E750F69518F.jpg
 photo 785B2F77-3033-4B82-8813-C0E9471F57B4.jpg
 photo 4CD099BA-83EB-47A1-AF99-40FB0364645A.jpg
Paul Spearman with wire in his hands!!!
 photo F23A8AFD-1D16-44AD-AF5B-CF4F884CF715.jpg
 photo 327BF3B8-C64B-4E77-8E55-F9109CA7EA23.jpg
 photo 3BCF1FB9-FBB8-40DD-8A44-E75E9D6D746D.jpg
 photo C0D0E2F9-4894-4BC8-9343-CAAE03A224BC.jpg
 photo 84348A7B-E92D-4436-A006-ACD33AF4B900.jpg
 photo F7BB7753-E1CC-48C7-83B1-35820ACF1D2D.jpg
 photo DB381D17-82A0-4219-A439-1AB4A89478AE.jpg
 photo BDABD9EC-F8D7-46FF-AC6B-35AA96C80BB7.jpg
 photo 89A24168-C82C-4DB3-8144-3B527AE6B72D.jpg
 photo 35DC8E64-4744-4CBF-B7F1-77A7D1070FD1.jpg
 photo E776343A-D7B7-4E96-A038-CA920E068471.jpg
 photo 859D105D-C8AF-4C11-A499-CF1B9F461925.jpg
 photo C7A27123-5577-452A-9BDA-C48D0BA592B1.jpg
 photo 290CA932-4EE7-4D0A-93E4-7E78A6061CFC.jpg
 photo 44449C21-B2D0-444B-88CE-F84A881405F4.jpg
 photo CE9E304D-5B89-40D3-9CD8-3529D69EEB42.jpg

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