Pavels Sunday Workshop – Dragon

 photo DDB86DD3-1749-4C69-918C-0D0B41726AAF.jpg
 photo 6508CE4C-80F5-41C5-B741-4E2AFB51A660.jpg
 photo B540242F-466A-478D-B8B8-8164EB7873C4.jpg
 photo C59A2912-3B1D-4333-87C9-A3135CC93A54.jpg
 photo 88F5DED0-978B-4B2C-82F4-DCF3526293FD.jpg
 photo 8B7538A7-7601-44D3-806A-AC842EE8B8A9.jpg
 photo C077A749-48C5-4AB7-A476-8FB46D5E08FA.jpg
 photo C0316CF0-1CD3-464A-8FF3-C6A56297EAC6.jpg
 photo B1B13B3E-AA04-40E7-96DE-DC94C89AFF82.jpg
 photo 1C68EB29-8193-4817-B380-557089B1B30D.jpg photo D607DBAE-794A-44DD-B13C-D01FC8F7BA48.jpg
 photo D341E4A2-9AD9-4159-A934-D63C15465B84.jpg 

From this: photo 813522E3-8F60-4A48-B5E2-21E50BA9CE15.jpg 

To, this 🙂 photo 37E3D239-1972-44B2-A610-1F63BE9856FB.jpg 

Pine – styled just before Pavel left for the Airport. photo 81A8AB89-0B45-408F-AB41-167F4FA0411B.jpg

Looks like the Dragon Bonsai folks have had a fantastic weekend.

Safe journey home Pavel… Come back soon!!

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