April Club Night

Aprils Club night saw a visit from Simon Temblett. Always a pleasure to have him at Vale of Clywd Bonsai Society’s monthly meetings.

A great guy to talk to and a wealth of information and bonsai knowledge. Here are photos from the night.

 photo 1EB9A79C-2D44-4408-BBDF-4215CB413A6B.jpg
 photo 2B8FCD14-4DFD-4B94-A098-2F797062D276.jpg
 photo DE8C2C3D-2999-4A85-97C4-3C8A2984A317.jpg
 photo CFBA48DF-4E62-47C5-B014-C6C15955022F.jpg
 photo 59A7B0E0-6950-44C5-8B76-185814FEB1F1.jpg
 photo F5372A6E-D632-43E6-A08D-0AB552494133_1.jpg
 photo 44949EBE-2C90-4570-90D2-C83D7B4B5326.jpg
 photo A104C483-8354-4B5B-878A-F0417ECA6FD7.jpg
 photo 78F9DBA1-C73F-43ED-B5DC-C84541E3BDFF.jpg
 photo 7BF39FD0-9CD6-40EB-B770-D1AC242AFFF3.jpg
 photo FC3C1EA4-EA70-45BD-8EE2-3A8A1218BB93.jpg
 photo 256EE39D-FE3B-4EDE-BBAA-2D1D9B7BF033_1.jpg
 photo C48CE083-C427-4BE0-BA5E-0973A6E756A1_1.jpg
Simon Drawing a sketch image of my Scots Pine. photo 31656865-F831-4C5B-9DA6-DAFB1BBB0C7B_1.jpg
 photo 8E8E962D-3602-4442-8B9D-3CCA0C1B3396.jpg Looking at the image, practically you would need a pot like in the drawing. However the pot would be facung the wrong direction in terms of flow. Hence the arrow suggesting it ahould be the other way around.

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