My Bonsai Europa Moments – 1

Huge thanks to Tony Tickle for the forethought and drive to make this show happen. Also for inviting me to be a part of the machine that was the build team!!!

I was there and I got the T shirt!!!!

The kids workshops were a popular hit
 photo E0E320A2-BAA0-4FD3-AFE6-D9611DBF72FB.jpg
Mark and Ritta Cooper talk to the public about their trees.
 photo 59DFF74D-D5F1-4E0A-A706-58550CE9F55F.jpg
Dan Butler, a great Welsh potter sales table
 photo 6F085101-C8B8-4843-8A17-8BDC3F1C97D2.jpg
Some likely lads šŸ™‚
 photo 7FBB97EE-FF64-486E-945E-340F0B1D8AE4.jpg
The artists…
 photo 275228A1-1151-48DF-86D9-B444BABA2E5A.jpg
I was doing the rounds with the Instagram frame…
 photo 2EEAE2C4-DB61-47A2-AE99-36CC35CBDCEE.jpg
 photo 84852005-19B7-4201-99D5-D3D199B81AD7.jpg
 photo 265C16CD-0D25-4D0E-8C01-06A816E408B2.jpg
The hall…
 photo 78749141-6A24-4052-A5EE-2A25021F96A8.jpg
 photo 6079127E-1F1C-4257-A2E4-E321BF64AC10.jpg
 photo 30101081-8077-4B01-934A-A2262FD81BE3.jpg
 photo 196E7FC0-758E-4CC7-A9CB-546B27D4E6F2.jpg
The build crew staying over at Burrs…
 photo 851439B2-65E4-44C4-8083-FE1990367FAE.jpg
Bonsai Beers was very tasty šŸ˜‰
 photo 59D13CC6-C1FC-43BC-AE6C-4941BBCFB62D.jpg
 photo A1DB7B34-AF18-4A24-8C0F-472F8CD14643.jpg
 photo 9F53AB0B-5074-4F3E-B558-829BDB84D21E.jpg
 photo 2E275759-1F1C-426E-9435-39592F617442.jpg
Amazing dead wood…
 photo 19544693-1515-4D0D-A996-F3EE1F0EDBBD.jpg
 photo 87AF95D3-1ABB-4779-B8CE-5845C0716E0E.jpg
 photo 4A30CFDC-4C74-495E-874B-802288F80BE9.jpg
 photo DCA33CF6-D08C-4922-A353-5D7BA47EEF41.jpg
 photo A85C3280-40D2-49B7-A157-B38580EB8F15.jpg
 photo 7DF6DB8B-92A1-4B73-AB3C-E6C084490E7A.jpg
 photo 4E5B29C6-2240-4845-9B18-F5314754CEB0.jpg
 photo 638391D6-CF39-45C0-A3E8-E3B176C48452.jpg
 photo 1E9F89EF-A42D-4485-B10E-5C16D05FAE2A.jpg

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