My Bonsai Europa Moments – 3

 photo 77384056-73CF-46D2-86A2-A7216E229B21.jpg
 photo 5C16FB5B-731D-4523-BD1A-D17A3ACB1BDE.jpg
VIP Tree
 photo 52F5B5DE-BA88-4809-AA23-4796E7C389EE.jpg
 photo EF5AAF22-BFAD-415E-96DD-388F04E9CE4F.jpg
 photo 81B018F5-F728-4AA1-BFA6-33AD45C53D2B.jpg
Definitely one of my favourite trees to date! A beech raft:
 photo FCE73758-7C92-4FC3-8799-FD59B1436849.jpg
 photo 8E09F48C-AFF2-4F5E-A9A4-65F85AF8BA23.jpg
 photo A129D431-EDB2-4593-B5A9-24F46E23D646.jpg
 photo 2C344B01-F207-48E9-9DC5-9C788611A699.jpg
 photo 14758178-F7FD-4CDA-828F-D02CB7C63CD4.jpg
 photo 9E698296-1381-469A-9015-76244DB3706D.jpg
 photo 6D678B6A-DD7D-4B72-9248-1016D1B13B81.jpg
 photo 2EC72366-42FC-4437-A2D8-944BCF6DE1E6.jpg
 photo 2B5CD68B-1AF0-4CC3-B77F-C6F509CE72DF.jpg
The demo room
 photo 926356F6-95B4-450A-BAF2-9F2F805C439C.jpg
 photo E641CE64-1686-4F00-8705-B70BBCC881FD.jpg
 photo DAE72499-497B-4641-B2DA-625DB0F5A5CC.jpg
 photo 5FDB2923-6E9D-4E97-93CB-0BC3DFD39794.jpg
My meal at The Clarence šŸ˜‰
 photo A7C78E67-78EF-4C41-8B9B-F803567BF8ED.jpg
The build up
 photo A4B957E8-83AA-4EE0-886A-8D59F6E1CACF.jpg
 photo BEE12386-CBAE-4CFF-A64D-DB8C13568968.jpg
 photo 700F476A-B804-4F02-863A-13583644FB13.jpg
Ready for the doors to open
 photo 78749141-6A24-4052-A5EE-2A25021F96A8.jpg

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