Llanarmon Dyfryn Ceiriog- Ancient Yew Trees

Luckily my job takes my around the Northwales. The little sleepy village of Llanarmon Dyfryn Ceiriog is one of my favourite places to visit.
Having completed my work commitments I walked down to the Churchyard for a look at these monuments of the tree world.
Given the tip off by my dad some years back… It’s a place I feel closer too him in some way.
Enjoy the photographs, please also see Inspirational Yew for the last Photographs I took of these great trees.
 photo E644110E-645C-4CA0-9625-0EF282ABF187.jpg
 photo 436CA276-836B-438B-9283-61E6E9F94A65.jpg
 photo 29CC71D0-2740-433A-A161-6687EC10C12A.jpg
 photo 14DA8270-04C2-4B79-AEC2-0312A13AD474.jpg
 photo 1D604416-06CF-45C0-AA89-F3345FC6EC53.jpg
 photo 45BF08DE-2AB3-40FB-92D6-A44C39ECEE22.jpg
 photo 88052F8A-B440-4DB6-8393-F9EE1A054937.jpg
 photo 8B2D6C87-EFEF-40EC-B2B3-3A68652A2DAC.jpg
 photo CC452309-EE19-4822-B294-5E8A059629F2.jpg
 photo 6BA72E83-9DEC-4412-8BDD-95F2D2AC3766.jpg
 photo 73794076-E1C8-4E67-A2E4-9ED770F16EBE.jpg
 photo F1EF87B2-DDE9-4789-BFEF-1AD71C1D3808.jpg

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