Charcoal for bonsai soil

I may be using this technique next year.

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

In the older days Indians added charcoal to the soil when growing their plants. The result was healthy and vigorously growing plants. Today’s science has shown why charcoal is beneficial for the health of the root system and the plants. What does charcoal do then? It is pretty simple; first of all it takes up nutrients and slowly releases them to the soil. This slows down the process of washing out nitrogen gasses that is useful for the growth and vitality of plants and trees. For container grown plants it is even more useful than for plants in the field, because the nutrients are washed out faster, and therefore charcoal is an important ingredient to add to the soil mixture.

Soil mixture added. A very small shohin pot with a little charcoal added to the mixture.

In Japanese bonsai nurseries this trick is widely used, and charcoal should be a natural component of the soil…

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