For Sale

One of our long standing members of the Vale of Clwyd Bonsai Club is selling some of his trees.

Please look through the following and contact him directly if you are interested.

Ken Anderton: 01745 824067
Cedar: £480
 photo 93226F77-88C3-42EF-AFA8-E480A04A3BBE.jpg
Thread graft on the trunk:
 photo 250B02DD-4D72-4573-9EFA-7DCDEF854E70.jpg

Scots Pine, Sylvestris originally collected in Scotland: £375

 photo EA6AF8F0-C5FB-4BBC-9BF1-4BE40933865F.jpg

 photo 3DDADAAD-D140-43CD-8109-A2FA420C61F8.jpg

Potentilla: £135
 photo 2D591BC5-8113-464F-98A0-4615E7B04C7C.jpg

 photo 62481FD7-F487-4187-9BA9-585B268E3474.jpg
Juniper in a natural rock: £175
 photo B0E85082-18AE-4F4A-9331-97F282ED2065.jpg

 photo 4834F4F9-6FBA-48D0-B82E-7669BE14BBF2.jpg

These were all the photos of the trees that I collected on the night. If you require more information please speak directly to Ken first.

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